Delivery policy

1. Delivery Method
Naked Flavors utilizes third-party delivery services or an in-house transportation team. Depending on the order quantity and delivery scope, we select the most suitable transportation provider at each moment. The delivery service providers employed by Naked Flavors are responsible for providing delivery confirmation (photographs and recipient's signature) to both the buyer and seller upon request.
2. Inspection and Return Policy
Upon receiving your order, you may request the delivery personnel to inspect the items to ensure they match your order. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to request a return or exchange in the following cases: Items do not match the order (wrong flavor, size, etc.). Received items, such as damaged packaging, peeling, or breakage, are not in perfect condition. Product quality is compromised, such as foreign objects in the cream or signs of damage. Return/Exchange notification period: Within one week of receiving the order, we will process the return or exchange within 24 hours upon notification from the customer.